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Serving at FMC

Help FMC be better together by ensuring Homebase is covering all the details of day-to-day operations and stewardship. Options include, but are not limited to:

Hospitality and Office

  • Help greet and welcome visitors as a volunteer receptionist. Contact Office Manager
  • Help with general office duties such as copies, mailings, filing, or special projects. Contact Office Manager
  • Help with hospitality for special events to create an atmosphere; plan; serve; and clean up. Contact Connection Coordinator
  • Help with funerals to usher, greet, and assist the family during the reception so they can simply be present while we attend to their guests. Set up and clean up reception. Contact Care Director

Grounds and Facilities

  • Help on once-every-other-month work days to provide repairs, handiwork; or special projects to care for the building and/or campuses. Contact Doug Frankhouser
  • Help with gardening and care of the grounds in season changes to keep our beds looking their best and letting guests know we have thought of them. Contact Mike Medved
  • Skilled in plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or such please contact Doug Frankhouse

Other Needs

What is it that you’re passionate about? How has God uniquely formed and gifted you that you want to offer to your church family? Contact Executive Pastor Brenda Martin at   so she can help you find your area of service!

There Are Two Ways to Serve at FMC

Within The Walls

At FMC, one of the many ways we show our love for God and our neighbor is through service. Within these walls, we gladly serve one another each week as our congregation prepares for worship. From preparing communion, greeting the congregation and ushers that assist within the service to prayer teams and new member hosts, there are many areas to consider when deciding where one might serve.

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Beyond The Walls

We believe you are the church everywhere you go. Church is the ongoing, everyday activity and work of those who are pursuing Jesus through holiness of heart and life. Members of our congregation have found so many ways to grow in their life with Jesus through service to those in our community. 

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Serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Galatians 5:13-14