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The Christmas Store at Sam Houston Elementary (Offsite)

December 4, 2021 9:00am

This year we will be celebrating the joy of Christmas with our school partner, Sam Houston Elementary. We will be holding a voucher toy store at the school on December 4th (Times TBD). Our goal is to provide two toys for 150 children for a total of 300 toys, but we will need more in order to give the parents a choice of toys for their children. You can be part of the fun by buying gifts and by helping in the store. You can sign up for gift buying by following this link: Do not wrap the gifts, but do put a note on the gifts regarding what grade level you signed up for. You can sign up to help with collecting, organizing and distributing the toys by following this link: We will be distributing food from the Montgomery County Food Bank at this year’s store as well, so we will need help inside and outside at the school. I am looking forward to a great celebration! 

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