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Support Our Adopted Schools

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Teachers have never had more to juggle than they do now. With in-person and online classes happening simultaneously and all of the follow up with parents, the challenges of COVID are really hitting them hard. We want to show them how much we appreciate the work they do!

Together, the two schools have almost 200 staff members, and we would like to give each one a thank you bag for their hard work. For those of you who helped in the summer by providing bags for our hospital workers, this list will look familiar. We had such great feedback, we thought we would do it again. Out of everything you put in a bag, the most important thing is the handwritten thank you. Please take a minute to tell the teachers you are praying for them and thinking about their well-being.

We will be providing bags for you with the church’s logo on them. You can pick up the bags on the table in front of the Chapel on Thursday, October 15 from 10:00 a.m. to noon and on the table on Sunday, October 18. And we will be accepting them on a table in front of the Chapel on Tuesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 22 from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

Thanks so much for taking part in this effort to make this difficult time a little brighter!

-Individual pack of cookies (You can buy a 12 pack for around $5.)
-Microwave popcorn (You can buy a 6 pack for around $6 so $12 for two packages.)
-Dried fruit/nuts/ trail mix (Depending on what you get, the cost will vary from around $8-$12 for 12)
-Candy Bar ($12 for 12)
-Peanut Butter Crackers ($6 for 12)
-Beef Jerky ($10 for 12)

Total is around $50 for 12 bags if you do all six items which averages to around $4 a bag.

Click here to print a thank you note from your home computer
, or you can make your own. We want everyone to know the bags are from you, First Methodist Conroe.