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Creating a Sacred Space in Our Homes

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Each of us might consider creating a unique sacred space for our homes. We may invite our families to join us for prayer at a certain time every day. We may create sacred spaces for the whole family or just for one.

As you reflect on what sacred space may look like in your own home, I offer these suggestions:

  • My friend, Dr. Elizabeth Harper Neeld, in her book A Sacred Primer: The Essential Guide to Quiet Time and Prayer, offers some thoughts about the many ways one may create sacred space in the home.

            Corner of a room

            Specific chair

            Bookcase or table

            Garden bench

            Favorite table

  • For others sacred space will be roving because it changes. For those a boundary is created by what we bring with us into the space.

            A basket with pens, colors, journal, Bible

            A zip pouch with small candle, Bible, music, and special book

            Our Bible and hymnal

            Kitchen table and cup of hot tea

  • One of my friends emptied an unused closet and created a sacred space. Cushions on the floor, a candle and lighter, her bible, journal, several pens, a book of poetry and photos of her family. 
  • Still another has a beautiful basket with adult coloring books and colored pencils, her journal, her bible and devotional book, a candle and lighter. When it is time for prayer; wherever she goes in her house she takes that sacred space with her. 
  • A precious saint created a corner in her living room as her own sacred space. Her piano was close with her hymn book. Nearby was her special chair with a stool, a small table with a lamp, her bible, Sunday school lesson, pens, paper and devotional books. 
  • My niece’s sacred space holds her crocheting basket alongside her bible, her favorite essential oils, journal and photos of those dear to her. Music plays as she crochets in the presence of God. 
  • My sacred space is in our guest room. There is a window with beautiful light and beside it is the rocking chair Dave gave me when Matthew was born. A small table sits beside it, made by my husband Dave. On the table is a candle and cross given to me at my ordination. In a basket beside the rocker is a lighter, pens, my journal, colored pencils, a bible and hymnal and This Day by Laurence Stooky. 
  • Dave’s sacred space is in his workshop. His Bible and all of his music is on his phone.

Consider how you would create a sacred space in your home. Would the space be stationary or roving? What materials, objects, and resources would you want close by? What about this space would make it seem like a gateway to the holy? Be still and know that God is near, you just have to pay attention.