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Music Ministry

FMC’s Music program provides inspiration to those who seek expression of God's grace and love through the performing and visual arts. You are invited and welcome to enjoy and explore the many opportunities that are available to our congregation and community.

Traditional Worship Music Programs

Modern Worship Music Programs


Traditional Worship Music 

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir leads the 11 a.m. traditional worship service.  These adults of all ages and levels sing musical pieces from a wide variety of styles and genres.  This choir also performs and supports worship for special seasonal services and special events in the church and community.

Inspiration Choir

The Inspiration Choir leads the 8:30 a.m. traditional worship service. These singers radiate a variety of musical ability to pieces that encompass most every genre.  This choir also supports worship, performs for special seasonal services, and sings at special events in the church and community. This choir is open to junior and senior high youth as well as adults. 


CrossCurrent is our auditioned Men’s Ensemble.  They sing regularly throughout the year at both the 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. worship services.  Their repertoire includes everything from old gospel quartet standards to new contemporary releases.

Ladies Ensemble

FMC’s Ladies Ensemble is an auditioned group that sings regularly throughout the year.  They perform music from classics to contemporary and can be heard at either traditional service.

Chancel Bells

This handbell choir is our advanced, auditioned adult ensemble.  They perform several times during the year at our traditional and special services.  The Chancel Bells welcome anyone with moderate to advanced skills to join them in ringing praise.

New Hope Bells

New Hope is the handbell choir for those with some beginning to moderate experience. They perform a number of times throughout the school year and for occasional special services. This bell choir is open to both junior high and senior high youth and adults. 

First Bronze

This is our newest handbell choir.  If it’s your first time playing a bell or ringing with others, then this is for you. These novice ringers have a great time getting to know everything about bells and they even play for worship twice each year.

Joyful Noise

Children attending fourth grade through sixth grade with a passion to sing and perform for the Lord are welcome to join this group. Joyful Noise normally performs three times in the fall and a musical in the spring. This group meets weekly for practice.

Hallelujah Kids

Young children will get a chance to lift their voices in song and experience and learn about God’s love and music. This choir usually sings three times in the fall and performs with Joyful Noise in a musical each spring. Hallelujah Kids is open to all children in first grade through third grade.

Cherub Choir

FMC’s Cherub Choir sings and plays games to learn songs, musical elements, and Bible stories.  Little ones usually will sing a few times each school year. This group meets each week and is open to all ages four through Kindergarten.

Music Makers

We love singing at First Methodist Conroe, but we love to make music with instruments, too!  This program often alternates with our children’s choir to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to learn something different like drums or dulcimers. Music Makers includes children in first grade through sixth grade. 


You guessed it; we’re a handbell choir! Boys and girls with some bell experience are invited to join this ensemble that performs a few times each year. All third through sixth graders are welcome to join.

Who to Contact 

For more information about FMC's Traditional music programs, contact Craig Stephan at

Modern Worship Music

The Table's modern worship community is a collective of artists, musicians, and singers whose desire is to create an atmosphere where people can come into the presence of God and be formed more into the image of Christ. Meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m., we seek to grow together in God and in community with one another.

For more information about The Table worship community, please contact Rique Garza at